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22, Mergelė, Украина
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Chocolate box i love you!!! Bouquet of roses Heart Rose Bouquet of roses
Chocolate box Bouquet of roses Bouquet of roses Bouquet of roses A rose for a rose Rose
Bouquet of roses Heart Strawberry Kiss Chocolate box
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Seksualiniai pomėgiaiTradicinė
Ūgis>160 cm - 170 cm [5'4" - 5'6"]
Svoris100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
KalbosRusų, Anglų
Intymi šukuosenaNuskusta
Krūtinės dydisMaža
Mane sujaudina
Emotions, sensations, experience and desires
Apie mane
I am Rita. So fucking sensual!
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Second place among women

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I hope one day I'll come and see you with a thousand of flowers, you deserve so much mu boss... you are so incredible))) there is no limit to your skill, beauty, smartness and kindness. I would like to offer you all the flowers you want)) In fact it's not that I would like but more that I dream about offering you every flowers you would like... you are my everlasting star))
Rita you know that I am sensitive to kindness and you are the kindest and the funniest lady I ever met. I'll never get bored of your smile, jokes, dances, voice, kindness. You are always here and you like to help people you helped me as no one could have helped me Rita. Come to herceg novi or stay, go where ever you want or keep living where you are the only thing that will never change is that I'll always be here to support you my so dear boss
I am really happy that you came back you are brave enough to change what you wanted to change and look at you, your changes are incredible. In such a few time I missed you but your hair surprise was unexpected but really good to see (my little jesus), you are incredible boss)))
Ты мой наркотик. И эту зависимость мне уже не победить...
Thank you Rita for always supporting me you offer me the most valuable thing even more than in the tip menu you are incredible because you never fake a smile or yourself, you are always yourself full of kindness, joy, jokes and good advices. I want to do much more albooms with you my favorite singer and my so dear light thank you for being who you are, yourself.
Thank you RITA!!! You've always been here for me, for listening and giving me advices and a big smile on my face ( first i'll learn how to say snezhok 😂) you are incredible and a must for my happiness (my cat keeps training for snezhok, so maybe I should go train for you))thank you so much for everything my so dear friend you are a chudo
Thank you for being always awesome, drawing, singing, cooking. You have many skills and you are humble you are a star and just by smiling you make people happy. Little drawing advice : if you want to draw something awesome you can draw you with a huge smile. You make me happy everyday my friend
Я никогда не перестану восхищаться тобой! Ты само совершенство!
You are incredible. Always here cheering me up and offering me so much attention and happiness for a man as me an angel voice, heart and soul I would do anything to hear you playing piano and singing my friend "art has no price" a smart person told me that. Don't forget, SO FUCKING SENSUAL. You are a really dear friend
Мне и раньше нравились девушки. Иногда я думал что это любовь. У одной была шикарная фигура. У другой красивые глазки. У третьей ангельский голосок который завораживал меня. С кем-то мне было просто интересно. Но вот я увидел тебя. До сих пор не могу поверить в то что это возможно! Все перевернулось. В тебе есть все что мне нравиться! В одной прекрасной девушке. Но кроме всего я чувствую что-то очень знакомое и близкое когда смотрю в твои глаза. Каждая нотка твоего голоса согревает мне душу!
Oh baby, oh baby, I'm in love...

Make me feel like I am breathing,,,,

Thank you ♥